I’ve always done too many things at once.

never a careful combination or

specific precision

always tossing this in

or mixing spices for effect:

usually dark chocolate and orange

or cranberries and sugar

crystalline pops of perfection

crusty flaky and creamy macchiato

espresso and chocolate, nestled together

                – a harmony of Venetian morning

long lemon peels and

thin cheese strands

writing, and painting, and penting


travelling and


its a messy beauty I love

and a whirl of places people and things

but also

slowed down to a serene look around






Glossy signs in gorgeous Greek-blue, elegant white cuts read “ακρόπολη” as we leisurely ascended one of seven hills that encircle the city of Athens. There’s graffiti sprayed onto the same signage posts, boards, ancient ruins and rugged stone walls.

Deriving from Greek, akro meaning high or elevated,

polis meaning city


Technically refers to citadels or temples built on a naturally higher elevation compared to surrounding settlements

a temple so complex

so detailed, so fattening of every pillar to hold up a temple strong enough

to honour a goddess 13 ft. high, made of all glory and honour

presided over the city centuries,


imaginations ago

History and myth hang heavy in the mellow winter air as every step up the hill towards the Parthenon is punctuated with a glimpse of a ruin. The ancient agora, sanctuary of Pan, of Dionysius, temple of Athena Nike, amphitheatre seats in a time-stuck drunken stupor, Greek alphabet carved onto marble at entrances, cascading walls of incredible height and strength; –

an abundance of marble that pulls you down in wonder – how did they move these?

the layers of footsteps beneath your own; thousands of years old and where you stand may be the site of numerous unknown wars and numerous unknown slain

As you walk up the stairs to the gate of the temple that was, the temple that isn’t anymore but is

As you step on each historical crevice of ancient marble, the fresh crisp grass under your shoe; careful, not to crush the beautiful bright yellow daisy

and you can see just how it was, how grand and incredible the Athens behind you


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