I’ve always done too many things at once.

never a careful combination or

specific precision

always tossing this in

or mixing spices for effect:

usually dark chocolate and orange

or cranberries and sugar

crystalline pops of perfection

crusty flaky and creamy macchiato

espresso and chocolate, nestled together

                – a harmony of Venetian morning

long lemon peels and

thin cheese strands

writing, and painting, and penting


travelling and


its a messy beauty I love

and a whirl of places people and things

but also

slowed down to a serene look around



story so far

a riddling of colours and flying

geese in unsuspecting Toronto

there’s a horde of walkers with

maimed crooked gait, walking

towards a shelf of madness

a sheath of unwrinkled manila cards

folded twice into

creamy custard yellow of pastel panjabi

resting on this damp, darkened red duvet

— the embarrassment that forces me!

to wash this out with my own hands

out with the damned spots, like Lady Macbeth

but laughing with love and memories

— I can see the outstretched mirror,

where I stand a foot in, a selfie with him

“for us” only and click

that led us here to this picture

this moment, the giant glittering spotlight and


Cancún, Mexico 07.29.15

Cancún, Mexico artwork: @creaberto 07.29.15