forest (2)


first thing that comes to mind

and out of nowhere;

rolling back dials and

i can climb

leg swung over and pulled closer

moment to breathe and

    its dizzying and hilarious

crazy  and popping   and wild and thrashing


like scratching branches

on snow white’s dress

claiming to run in and through

the forest

tripping but not ending    the purpose

really wasn’t when i felt his soft lips

both saw it coming and still

was an accident   wasn’t*

the curling cannoli in our history

the story


fleeting as the falling soft sugar,


the intent

its important enough to ask right there


and there’s no answer or why or how or if

but it is and

it has been

and it will be.


or not     it makes me smile

and i can

talk about whites and blacks and dulling grays

the parked cars, black guys and yellow toys

continues… for now

or never   it doesn’t matter because

there’s no answer

2016-01-05 09.20.06 1.jpg


story so far

a riddling of colours and flying

geese in unsuspecting Toronto

there’s a horde of walkers with

maimed crooked gait, walking

towards a shelf of madness

a sheath of unwrinkled manila cards

folded twice into

creamy custard yellow of pastel panjabi

resting on this damp, darkened red duvet

— the embarrassment that forces me!

to wash this out with my own hands

out with the damned spots, like Lady Macbeth

but laughing with love and memories

— I can see the outstretched mirror,

where I stand a foot in, a selfie with him

“for us” only and click

that led us here to this picture

this moment, the giant glittering spotlight and


Cancún, Mexico 07.29.15

Cancún, Mexico artwork: @creaberto 07.29.15