I’ve always done too many things at once.

never a careful combination or

specific precision

always tossing this in

or mixing spices for effect:

usually dark chocolate and orange

or cranberries and sugar

crystalline pops of perfection

crusty flaky and creamy macchiato

espresso and chocolate, nestled together

                – a harmony of Venetian morning

long lemon peels and

thin cheese strands

writing, and painting, and penting


travelling and


its a messy beauty I love

and a whirl of places people and things

but also

slowed down to a serene look around



salmon papillote

minted yellow drops

sweet and douce

I was trying to write a poem about

salmon and lemon papillote recipe.

He loves to eat; eat salmon, cod, tuna and shrimp

shrimp risotto

am I in love with him?

there’s 900+ photos in this whatsapp folder

they’re all gobsmacked

haha, yeah that’s a word. it is!

I said go away and he left and i

he left —!


that was sad and stupid and unfair

and I

just couldn’t explain the

empty crackle of a blank bluetooth

i love his face

that glistening emerald green

shirt and blue sea

a warmth that radiates

and undulates

through plastic mirror screens;

if I even try —

am i trying? or should i?

he’s my sun, he makes me shine

my sun and not “my son”

— i always think of that

but i can see through the melting gray gloom

i’m laughing at how lame i am

i can see back the first days and

last days i don’t want to see;

there are some surprises i want to save

in a locked up board of my


that tiny gray icon on the corner

minty walls & white pillows in

chevron and damask

Processed with VSCOcam

carrotcake with creamcheese frosting

“Stir well a final time. Serve hot with a drizzle of olive oil, a dusting of black pepper, a torn leaf of fresh basil and a gracious grate of parmeggiano.”

The clamour of friends, clatter of plates, single forks, stray knives and big golden flowers on double glasses.

cold water and cold coke. Snapping misshapen photos of woolly sweater arms halfway to a pot of pasta; fingers splayed across a face or fork shovelling up, unawares.

Lipstick moons on glasses; pinks     magentas       smeared happily for mixed mushrooms

carving thighs into naked bones        last drop of sticky maple glaze

crumbling sweet carrots & toasted walnuts and cold maple ice cream; crunchy sugar balls of snow on windows;
warm creamcheese licked spoons; hot fireplace and loud laughs;         lingering hugs      laughing tears.

clutched hearts ♥

deep fried bananas

Deep fried and drenched in maple syrup. Melting ice cream.

Somewhere in a zone between perfectly hot and deliciously cold. So much sweetness and creamy and crunchy in one silver spoonful.

Banana fritter     dough deep fried

browned and crunched     crisped

coddled soft banana unwraps; unfolds and  sinks         deep   into  cold, melting white embrace   of cream & sugar

I care for the crispy sugar dough coat. The coat that softens and cools.

It’s a soft pillowy sweetness that I continue to taste for hours. It keeps me up at night as I stare at the square patches of light on my ceiling, the pale blinking green along my turquoise wall. It makes me smile and tug my blanket closer like a banana wrapped in its doughy duvet cover.