carrotcake with creamcheese frosting

“Stir well a final time. Serve hot with a drizzle of olive oil, a dusting of black pepper, a torn leaf of fresh basil and a gracious grate of parmeggiano.”

The clamour of friends, clatter of plates, single forks, stray knives and big golden flowers on double glasses.

cold water and cold coke. Snapping misshapen photos of woolly sweater arms halfway to a pot of pasta; fingers splayed across a face or fork shovelling up, unawares.

Lipstick moons on glasses; pinks     magentas       smeared happily for mixed mushrooms

carving thighs into naked bones        last drop of sticky maple glaze

crumbling sweet carrots & toasted walnuts and cold maple ice cream; crunchy sugar balls of snow on windows;
warm creamcheese licked spoons; hot fireplace and loud laughs;         lingering hugs      laughing tears.

clutched hearts ♥


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